After reading “Trapped”, a personal narrative by Sarah Gilbert, I took a moment to step back and process everything she talked about. Sarah tells her story about how people are trapped in their own anger, shame, fear of loss, and most importantly the ethical rules, or traps, made by society; and because of this anger, people lash out at her, just because of the way she chooses to live her life. Sarah doesn’t own a car, so her and her children get everywhere by bike.  I found her story incredibly compelling and relevant to todays society, but I ask the question, could Sarah Gilbert’s personal narrative lead to change? Unfortunately I don’t think so.  Today its so hard to motivate people to make a real change in society. Even after reading her narrative, I thought of the many things I could do to change my own ways, but ultimately came to the conclusion that it would be to hard, or that I don’t care that much about the certain issue. And that’s the issue with it. People are so wrapped up in their own social world that they lack the internal empathy and realization to care about a problem unless it is immediately affecting them in that moment. And that’s the problem,  people don’t care enough about things, to change their comfortable way of living. In order for something to really make an impact and create change, we first have to make people really care about something. And that’s the hard part.

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  1. A very honest reflection, Teagan. I think you are right: people will always choose the path of least resistance. But how can we get people to care? That’s the big question you’ll have to ponder for the next essay…

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