Equality and acceptance is important in order for us to live in peace as a global society. And as an American, I feel that allowing refugees an asylum in our country is vital. We are all people, and no matter what our beliefs, we should be able to help each other; if that means opening our homes to people caught in the horrors of war, then so be it. Some people fear this, and I can understand why. People are concerned for their own safety. People fear the unknown cultures that the refugees will bring, but I think that those differences are what made America so great in the first place. America was founded on immigrants seeking an asylum and starting anew, in search on the American dream. Americans fears are relevant, but we need to stick to what we believe, and that’s that America is brave, diverse, and free. We are the asylum so refugees of war. We need to conquer our fears, and open our hearts and our home to those in need.

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