How can literacy save a life?

I think “saving a life” is a very broad statement. What I mean is saving someone’s life doesn’t necessarily have to literally mean life or death, but it can also be something that was so life changing in the sense that your life changed full direction for the better.  As I read through and analyzed my peers literacy narratives on, I started to realize a pattern in which students saw an event in their literacy history that ended up being life changing for them. Unlike mine in which reading and writing quite literally did save my life, these other people’s lives were saved by literacy in their own ways. So I now ask the question how can literacy save a life? I read “Live or Die” by Paige Hibbard (, and she talks about how she had no interests in college or doing well in school until she had a teacher who opened her eyes to her own potential in English, and because of this, she stared to become a star student and then eventually decided to go to college. This is only one example of how literacy can change a life for the better. In my own Literacy Narrative ( ) I talk about how reading and writing helped me to escape my depression and because of this it literally saved my life. They’re are so many ways that Literacy can change and save a life; it just depends on the story.

2 thoughts on “How can literacy save a life?”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I really like how you answered your question by going in depth about it and using other literacy narratives to back up your discussion. Great blog post!

  2. Teagan,
    I like the way you break down saving a life into literally saving a life and a “life changing experience”. I wonder if there are more stories that might connect to either the idea of literally saving or metaphorically saving a life? As you look through literacy narratives, be sure to record potential quotes you might use to connect to your question and answer.

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